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June 23, 2012

Jeffrey Campbell shoes 323

323. Padua Fur in camo

I got these camo Padua Fur sneakers from solestruck! These are far better than I expected! So cute! I actually am not hooked on camo print but I'm in love with them!
I normally wear a size 7 in JC and that's what I got, they fitted me perfectly! solestruck says they run slightly small but personally I feel they run true to size. I can wear them with chunky socks. I know I own too many sneakers but can't stop buying them! Since I had to reduce my shoes and sold so many pairs, I was not a JC queen anymore. But I think I'm a JC Play queen now♥



8731. silvia says:

aww, for me, you'll always be the queen of jeffrey campbell :))


8733. Asami says:

No.8731 silvia's Reply

Thank you, silvia♥

8735. rosy_hues says:

I didnt know you sold some of your shoes! Thats ok. You're still the queen lol hope I'll get to buy a JC play style soon! I luv these the most!

8736. Nellie says:

I love these, I think they're the first JC Play shoes that I really like! Also, I recently got gold glitter litas but I don't really know what to style them with, do you have any suggestions?

8737. Asami says:

No.8735 rosy_hues's Reply

Thank you♥ I didn't expect I would have to sell so many shoes:'( Oh well! I could buy lots of sneakers instead:) I'm planning to getting more!

8738. Asami says:

No.8736 Nellie's Reply

I'd highly recommend them to you! Maybe I'll wear the gold glitter Litas with an oversized black rock tee, denim shorts and knee-high socks;)

8740. Magda says:

Asamin! :D You will always be a JC Queen! :D

Wanted G arrived today, they are sooooo cute~ The shiny velvet and the cute ribbon, I am in love! Thanks again :DDD

8742. Asami says:

No.8740 Magda's Reply

Thank you, Magda! I'm so glad you love the Wanted G;) They look SO cute on you♥♥

8750. Ash says:

Wow, these are super cute! I love that they have a texture, as opposed to print. Camo, although not everyone's cup of tea, is so versatile. Go, Asami!

8753. Asami says:

No.8750 Ash's Reply

These are one of the most adorable shoes I've ever owned;)

8786. Pashe says:

love these!! been stalking them side forever and someone finally retuned my size! i ordered so quickly!!! ha! I'd love to know what outfits you've worn with these

8788. Asami says:

No.8786 Pashe's Reply

I'm happy for you♥ These are worth getting;) I'll take my outfit pic♥

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