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May 28, 2012

Today's outfit

♥ Jeffrey Campbell Edea SP in black


8542. Hanna says:

Heellou! Nice blog! I was wondering where you have got your awesome Barbie t-shirt :) LOVE it!

8547. Asami says:

No.8542 Hanna's Reply

Thanks! I got it from DOLLS KILL:) http://www.dollskill.com/nikki-lipstick-doll-cult-leader.html

8550. Ash says:

Wonderful! I love every element.

8560. Asami says:

No.8550 Ash's Reply


8823. Karine says:

Hi ! Your blog is so wonderfull and you're very pretty. I love, no I adore your style, your look ! Enjoy :)

8828. Asami says:

No.8823 Karine's Reply

Thank you, Karine:D

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