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April 16, 2011

All I got from solestruck

I got 56 pairs from solestruck so far. Solestruck is definitely the one of the most amazing online store♥



4545. Ashley says:

Omg so many shoes! It's so impressive seeing so many in a group like that! I'm so envious of your collection! :)

4546. Jessica says:

You're amazing!

4548. Asami says:

No.4545 Ashley's Reply

Thank you, Ashley:) I want to take photos of my whole shoe collection but it's too hard:} I'd like to see your shoe collection someday♥

4549. Asami says:

No.4546 Jessica's Reply

Thank you♥

4553. ebolis world says:

Your collection is huge! You´re so lucky Asami! I wish I had just a few more pairs

Have a nice weekend!


4554. Asami says:

No.4553 ebolis world's Reply

Thank you so much:) I really love solestruck's selection of JCs♥ Have a great weekend!

4555. Princesse Sisi says:

OH MY GOD : LOVELY LOVELY LOVELY :) I am always so impressed by your PASSION FOR JEFFREY CAMPBELL Asami :) You rock my world lol :)


4556. Lexi says:

Omg, this is amazing! I am seriously lusting after your collection - I want the pink JC Lita's soooo bad!

4557. Asami says:

No.4555 Princesse Sisi's Reply

Thanks a lot for your compliment♥ I've been crazy about JCs since I got my first pair;)

4558. Asami says:

No.4556 Lexi's Reply

Thank you so much, Lexi:) The pink Litas are so cute! I hope you can get them♥ They're worth getting!

4559. Mariana says:

omg! I never get tired of admiring your collection, it's so pretty!!

4560. Asami says:

No.4559 Mariana's Reply

Thank you so much, Mariana:D I'll get more JCs from solestruck♥

4563. Michelle says:

This is fantastic!! What a fabulous collection.


4565. Asami says:

No.4563 Michelle's Reply

Thank you so much, Michelle;)

4577. Lou says:

AMAZING!!! I am in love with your shoe collection. It is great!


4578. Julian says:

That sure is an impressive collection! You deserve the JC feature! :)

4580. Asami says:

No.4577 Lou's Reply

Thank you so much, Lou♥ :D

4581. Asami says:

No.4578 Julian's Reply

Thank you so much, Julian:D I'm so glad JC featured me again!

4586. Ellie says:

Wow. congratulations. You're rich.

4588. Veneno says:

NO WAY!!!!!!! AMAZING, im in SHOCK!

4589. Asami says:

No.4586 Ellie's Reply

Thank you:) But I'm not rich...I always save money for shoes:}

4590. Asami says:

No.4588 Veneno's Reply

Thank you, Veneno♥ xx

4591. Jessica says:

LOVE these photos!!!

4592. Asami says:

No.4591 Jessica's Reply

Thank you, Jessica;)

4596. Tori says:

JELLY!!! haha XD

4599. Ann says:

I wish I lived in your shoe closet! I love love love your JC so much, I featured you on my blog :)

4602. Asami says:

No.4596 Tori's Reply

haha:D I need more colorful shoes;)

4605. Asami says:

No.4599 Ann's Reply

Hi, Ann:) Thank you so much for featuring me on your amazing blog! I just read it! Thank you♥

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