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February 11, 2011

My shoe closet


3567. Ashley says:

Your shoe closet is the closet of my dreams!!

3568. Jessica says:

I'm jealous and amazed :)
Keep it up!


3569. Melissy ♥ says:

Oh my god!! :D
SO PRETTY AND ORGANIZED!!! So jealous. ^__^

3570. Sighle Jane says:

WOW! You're shoe closet is amazing, it's like my dream wardrobe...I'm so jealous. I love your blog and reading you reviews on JC styles. I have 11 pairs, which is nothing compared to your fabulous collection, but mine is growing steadily :) http://sighlejane.blogspot.com/

3572. Tara says:

Simply beautiful!! I need to convince my boyfriend to make me shelves for my shoes haha. You should have a JC Museum in your house someday haha

3573. TWEE says:

i'd love to have such a massive walk in shoe cupboard too!!you're just the luckiest girl! =)


3575. Asami says:

No.3567 Ashley's Reply

Thank you, Ashley! I wanna see your closet someday♥

3576. Asami says:

No.3568 Jessica's Reply

Thanks, Jessica;) xx

3577. Asami says:

No.3569 Melissy ♥'s Reply

Thank you, Melissa:) I saw your blog! I love pink too;) I'm hooked on pink JCs these days♥

3578. Asami says:

No.3570 Sighle Jane's Reply

Hi Sighle:) I saw your blog! I've never seen the black floral Swansong on any online stores. They're so cute! I want them badly:) I also love your ivory Foxys! They really look great on you! Your JC collection is amazing! I'm gonna link your blog♥

3580. Asami says:

No.3572 Tara's Reply

Thanks! I recommend you to make shelves:) It would be so fun! I love to make shelves and paint them♥

3581. Asami says:

No.3573 TWEE's Reply

Thanks Twee! It's the most favorite place in the world;) xx

3582. caterpillargal says:

I'm so jealous~~
your shoe closet is truly amazing~~~ :)

3583. Phi says:

It's turning into a rainbow LOLOLOL!!!

3584. ISIS says:

oh my goodness girl! how do you afford all of this?!?!? this is seriously mind boggling to me. you have EVERY shoe i have wanted in the past four years, EVERY! wish i could have at least one pair of litas. that would be awesome.

3585. Sighle Jane says:

Reply to 3578.
Hi Asami. Thanks so much. I'd love to take a photo of my JC collection for your blog. I love reading your posts everyday for my Jeffrey Campbell fix :)

3586. Asami says:

No.3582 caterpillargal's Reply

Thank you:D xx

3587. Asami says:

No.3583 Phi's Reply

haha:D I want orange, green, pale blue and yellow ones♥

3588. Asami says:

No.3584 ISIS's Reply

Thanks! I always spend almost all my money for shoes;) I own tons of shoes but have few clothes:} BTW I love your outfits♥

3589. Asami says:

No.3585 Sighle Jane's Reply

I'm looking forward to seeing them! So excited! I'll feature you on my blog♥

3590. ida says:

i love it :) i want it :) i need it :)
gosh, i'd love to have them :)

3591. Julian says:

Want, want, want! Amazing!
I have a few questions: How do you choose what to wear everyday, and how do you keep them clean and amazing-looking? :)

3592. Asami says:

No.3590 ida's Reply

haha:D Thank you♥

3593. Asami says:

No.3591 Julian's Reply

Thanks, Julian! I always pick shoes first and then choose clothes:) I don't wanna make my shoes dirty, so always walk carefully. Also I clean my shoes as soon as I get home;)

3594. cherrybee says:

i would so deeply love to call this mine.

love cherrybee


3595. Lisa says:

Dear lord! I think I just came..! What a collection.

3596. Asami says:

No.3594 cherrybee's Reply

Thank you♥ BTW you're SO pretty! I love your outfits:)

3597. Asami says:

No.3595 Lisa's Reply

haha:D Thanks a lot, Lisa;) ♥

3598. Marina says:

Waaaaooooo...That are sooo many shoes!!!!

xx Marina

3599. Asami says:

No.3598 Marina's Reply

Thanks Marina:) You're So cute! I love your blog header♥

3600. Yaa says:

So jealous! Love love love!

3601. laura says:

*sigh* I would die for this.... I am going to keep pestering my boyfriend until he makes these shelves for me.... I not only want them, I need them! I literally have about 7 rows of shoe boxes all stacked to the ceiling with shoes in all of them because I have no proper place to store them! :(

3602. Princesse Sisi says:

OMG : I am definitively a FAN of your wonderful shoesing Asami :) Vive JEFFREY CAMPBELL :)

Bises from Paris,


3604. Cucu says:

OMG!!!! That isn't YOUR shoe closet right???!!! Can't believe what I'm seeing right now :D


3605. Asami says:

No.3600 Yaa's Reply

Thanks;) I love your JC collection too♥

3606. Asami says:

No.3601 laura's Reply

You should build shelves;) I got rid of some furniture for these shelves. I'm planning to make more shelf. I can put up to 240 pairs but I own already over 180 pairs now.

3607. Asami says:

No.3602 Princesse Sisi's Reply

Thank you, Sirrana:) I love your blog too♥

3608. Asami says:

No.3604 Cucu's Reply

Yep;) These're all my shoes♥

3611. Tori says:

This is my first comment on your blog, but I've actually been reading for a while~! ♡

3615. Asami says:

No.3611 Tori's Reply

Hi Tori! Thanks for your comments;) Actually I've been reading your blog as well! lol I love your blog! The black Saturns really look great on you! You made me want them♥

3629. lauren says:

Hi Asami I love your blog! I only have the original black Mary Rocs right now but I'm waiting for my Butterflys in the mail! I have been wanting to buy the Foxys very badly, so I was wondering what color/ which Foxy do you think is the cutest and most wearable! Thanks :D

3631. Zoe says:

This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen I am so jealous! What are the black boots with the gold studs? I'm in love! (first photo, 7th from the righton the bottom shelf)

3633. Asami says:

No.3629 lauren's Reply

Hi Lauren! Thanks for your comment:) I love the Butterfly as well. I'm thinking of buying the taupe ones:) I own 5 pairs of Foxys and my favorite is the multi glitter. They're So adorable! I also love the Foxy Esp. I found the navy Foxy Esp on Nordstrom last night and it was so cute! I'm dying for it...:)

3635. Asami says:

No.3631 Zoe's Reply

Hi zoe! Thanks for your comment;) I think they're the Girl std (http://pink-kitten.chu.jp/2010/02/jeffrey-campbell-shoes-16-30.html). I got them two years ago. Solestruck had the khaki ones before (http://www.solestruck.com/jeffrey-campbell-girl-stud-khaki/index.html). They're so comfy:)

3658. Zoe says:

Whoops I meant 7th from the left! :)

3659. Asami says:

No.3658 Zoe's Reply

Oh, they're the Collen std! I got them from Japanese online store three years ago:) http://pink-kitten.chu.jp/2010/02/jeffrey-campbell-11-20.html

3662. federica R says:



3669. Asami says:

No.3662 federica R's Reply

Thanks, Federica;) I love your blog and blog header!!!! So cute♥

3711. Laura says:

OMG serious envy here!

fabulous collection.

3715. Asami says:

No.3711 Laura's Reply

Thank you, Laura:) I love your cheetah Foxys♥

3734. Promise says:

Are you being serious, I can't even begin to describe how jealous I am.x


3735. Asami says:

No.3734 Promise's Reply

haha:D Thanks♥ I really love your outfits! So cool!

3834. Dayanatuna says:

JC's shoes are the shiznit! I'm dying to have a pair! *jealous*


3836. Asami says:

No.3834 Dayanatuna's Reply

Thanks;) You should get them♥ BTW thanks for mentioning my blog on your tumblr♥

3868. Amalia Hani says:

it's so shocking me!!!!!
my mouth opened when i saw it!!!
are those shoes belong to you??????
it's so unbelievable.......
love it!!

3873. Asami says:

No.3868 Amalia Hani's Reply

Thanks, Amalia♥ Yeah, they're all mine:) I got 103 pairs last year:}

3896. Jess says:

I am in love with your shoe collection. It makes me smile uncontrollably

3899. Asami says:

No.3896 Jess's Reply

Thank you so much, Jess:) That made me happy♥

4401. style-fever sthlm says:

over consumtion or just pr?

4405. Asami says:

No.4401 style-fever sthlm's Reply

I know I own too many shoes but can't stop buying them. They're too amazing:'(

4483. R R says:

Swooooon! I am in love! I had to show this to my husband (as a wish/hint!) and he said: Ok... that's cool, but, how many feet does she have? ;P

4491. Asami says:

No.4483 R R's Reply

haha:D Your husband said same thing as my husband...:) I want to build new shoe shelf but he doesn't say YES...

5458. Camilla says:

What a lovely AND crazy collection you have.

I hope you don't mind, I've borrowed a couple of photos for my blog for a small post about your Jeffrey Campell shoes :-)

5461. Asami says:

No.5458 Camilla's Reply

Hi Camilla! Thank you so much for featuring my blog on your amazing blog! I really appreciate that♥

8599. life is a shoe says:

wow, you have amazing shoe storage...youre so lucky you have all that space!

8603. Asami says:

No.8599 life is a shoe's Reply

I had to reduce my shoes and sold lots of pairs...I don't have so many now:}

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